ROOH Studio is an Indo-European collective for contextual, strategic, responsible and thoughtful architecture. Present in India, Ireland & Finland. 
'ROOH' which means soul or spirit, is a collective of creative individuals who met across architecture networks like the European Architecture Students Assembly and the National Association of  Students of Architecture, India. They have been teaming up for design competitions, workshops and projects across Europe and India since 2016. They also run a design research and education outfit called The Open Box Project that explores design solutions for socio-economic-cultural issues and themes.
Arya Kaushik
Architect, India​​​​​​​

Architect, maker of puns and cinema geek. Arya specializes in the domain of adaptive reuse and master planning projects in socially, economically, and politically charged contexts.

Brett Mahon
ArchitectIreland / UK

Quirky yet minimal, serious yet funny. Brett has always had a passion for all things design, he works between fields of art and architecture combining honesty in materials with sensibility to context.

Joonas Parviainen
Architect, Finland

Architect, self-educated musician and photographer. His work is defined by communality and a constant search of beauty, be it visual, social, sonic, or atmospheric.

Ramya Nandyala
Architect, Italy
Grew up in India, the clumsiest but funniest person you'll meet, thankfully she is good at architecture! With a masters in architectural design in historical context, site sensitive sustainable design is her forte.
Shreyansh Sett
Architect, India
Looks for stories in people and places, would prefer to explore streets over museums. He believes that architecture is a tool of social change, and spaces are an extension to the human body.
Saagar Tulshan
Architect & Urbanist, India​​​​​​​

Half a decade in Architecture, Design & Urbanism. Climbs rocks, dives and plays the ukulele for fun. Saagar is also working with Real Estate Research, Location Intelligence & Urban Data Science.

Jay Kulkarni  

Project management and construction professional with 16 years of experience in a wide range of sectors from Commercial Offices to Healthcare, Education and Housing across Europe, Middle East, Africa, South Asia, Latin America, Russia and CIS countries.

Ella Prokkola
Collaborator ​​​​​​​

Ella is eager to expand the role of a designer by combining methods of curating, experimental research, illustration and environmental art. She's currently based in Helsinki, Finland and studying landscape architecture MA program in Aalto University.

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