‘Kasvattamo’, which can be roughly translated as ‘Growery’, is an installation at the courtyard of the Helsinki City Museum that engages the people of Helsinki and especially the youth with the concepts of urban farming. The structure keeps growing throughout the summer together with the plants inhabiting it and by the end of the harvest season gets dismantled and reused at Dodo NGO’s headquarters ‘Turntable’.Kasvattamo is a pioneering project on how to utilise the barren courtyards of Helsinki for growing edible plants. 
It is a prototype that can be replicated and reassembled for harnessing the disused spaces of the city for producing our own food. The space serves various needs and hands-on community activities through the course of summer, hosting activities of a restaurant, workshop space, outdoor cinema and a hangout space for the people of Helsinki.Kasvattamo is part of environmental NGO Dodo’s 25th anniversary exhibition at the Helsinki City Museum. In addition to working closely with Dodo we have been collaborating with InnoGreen, HÖRBS, inTra and Blokgarden to turn the courtyard of the museum into an urban oasis. Special thanks go to Eija Leinonen from Dodo for leading the project and for letting ideas grow.”
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