How we charge our fee 
Our fees depend on the size, type and complexity of the project in which our clients require. If the brief and budget are well defined from the start then our fees are usually negotiated at the start of the project in either a percentage or lump sum. When this isn't the case, we look to do a feasibility study to help determine the build cost, size and complexity of the project, this fee is then deducted from our total fees if the project progresses.
We like to use a percentage fee as this gives the client a reasonable indication of the total architectural fees, whilst also allowing for some flexibility if the project scope increases. Percentages are based on the construction cost (excluding VAT, GST and professional fees). The fee will be automatically adjusted to any changes in the estimated construction and therefore provides a straightforward way of adjusting fees to changes in the project size or complexity. 
Clients are sometimes concerned that a percentage approach doesn't give architects an incentive to keep construction costs low. However as architects we offer a professional service and are bound by a code of conduct which we strive to uphold at all times. We aim to be as transparent and trustworthy with our clients by working within their means and creating the best possible solutions without driving up construction costs.