Stage 0 | Project Enquiry
This is the first contact: At this stage, we like to help the client understand the full potential of their vision by walking them through our processes and previous works to give them a greater understanding of how we will deliver them with the best possible outcome. We then build a preliminary understanding of the site and client’s requirements and respond to the client’s inquiry with a preliminary Scope of Work (SOW) and Fee proposal. 
Stage 1 | Project proposal 
Once the preliminary SOW and Fee proposal is agreed upon, we work on creating a detailed project brief that outlines the requirements, limitations, and considerations for the project. As part of this exercise, we also conduct feasibility studies (based on area calculations and local building laws) and in-depth site studies including any adaptive reuse or demolition requirements. Other parameters such as your preliminary budget and timelines will be discussed and established. A project agreement is signed during this phase.​​​​​​​
Stage 2 | Concept Design 
Before we kick off the design process we will advise the client on the appointment of any appropriate consultants needed and help them in the process of vetting and appointing each at the appropriate stage of the project.
We start the design process by preparing conceptual designs using sketches, architect's drawings, 3D models to develop the general design direction of the project before diving into the details. This process is a collaborative one and we will aim to discuss each aspect of the proposal with the clients as the design develops.
A rough cost estimate is also prepared at this stage to help further establish the budget and ensure we are meeting the client's requirements.
Stage 3 | Schematic Design
Based on the client’s feedback and further design development, a schematic level of designs is prepared with more details and accuracy. At this stage, we work closely with the client to decide the final appearance of the scheme, including material finishes for which we can provide mood boards. 
During this stage permissions and statutory requirements are determined and applied for using necessary application processes. Specialist consultants for structure, plumbing, electrical, etc may need to be involved and we will advise you on the appointment of each. ​​​​​​​
Stage 4 | Detailed Design
The design of the project is confirmed by this stage and we will start preparing detailed drawings which will help finalise all elements of the design. These drawings will then be used for onboarding the project contractor through a competitive tendering process which we will describe in more detail at the beginning of the project. 
This detailed drawing set includes inputs from external consultants and is used to prepare a final and accurate measure of quantities and cost of the project by the appointed quantity surveyor.
Stage 5 | Bidding & Construction Drawing
Contractors will be invited to tender at this stage, allowing 4 weeks for the contractors to review the documents and return their completed tender submissions with lump-sum prices and total contract durations. We will advise the client on the selection of the contractor and then begin the process of onboarding them using the appropriate contracts. 
The final set of technical drawings required for construction is prepared during this stage. Once the project contractor is confirmed, the final checks on design details are conducted and various vendors for supplying materials are confirmed.
Stage 6 | Construction & site coordination 
Once the site is ready to break ground, we issue the construction drawings to the contractor to initiate project execution. Site visits and checks are conducted at various stages of construction to see that work is proceeding in accordance with the proposed designs. Samples of finishes and materials are approved as they are executed by the contractor.
Following completion we will make final inspections and advise on any rectification works required. 
Stage 7 | Completion & handover
Once the project is completed, we ensure that a smooth handover along with documentation of the executed design. We work with the client to understand the post-occupancy performance of the building and provide any support the client might need.