Limity | Sarah Hilden Competition​​​​​​​ 
Limitys settles into the historical urban fabric of Finlayson Factory Area by both massing and materials. The lower west wing fits into the surrounding smaller scale, the taller east wing links the building to the factory district. A lower middle part hosts a rooftop terrace for outdoor events and exhibitions. A lush rain-garden is situated in the recessed entrance area, creating a nuanced series of widening and narrowing urban spaces. Both the street-front and the back side function as sculpture parks for the museum’s current and upcoming collection. Existing trees were carefully studied and nearly all of them preserved. During summer months the museum café extends onto a terrace in the park.
Two staircases lead from the central foyer to exhibition spaces on upper floors. Wooden roof-beams, varying brick-patterns and rich internal and external views create the tranquil atmosphere of the building. Exhibition spaces are located on three floors that can be either combined or separated to host several exhibitions simultaneously. Exhibition spaces flow into each other through large openings, with intermediate spaces providing moments of reflection and rest. Large windows with carefully selected views bring the surroundings inside, making the historical context an integral part of the museum experience
Collaboration with Ella Prokkola (Landscape) & Madli Kaljuste